About Megan Liu-Ramirez

I fucking hate writing bio's. Who wants to talk about themself, and then write as if someone else is writing this for them? I'm all about transparency. Bare with me...

About a decade ago, I finished my 3 year apprenticeship. You could tell it was authentic because it was under a woman hating, grumpy old biker dude that used the word, "tattoo," as an official title in front of his actual name. Not only did I learn the art of being screamed at, belittled, and becoming a master toilet scrubber, I learned precision sterility, needle making and ink mixing which are dying skills, and of course, "tattin' you up!"

Tattooing has changed my life. I went from meek to empowered. From little girl to fierce lady tattooer. From dandelion to dandelion turning into birds. My goal/agenda/desire is to pass along the magic. To share it with you. To give to you some of what it gave to me.